Blood Moon Lights Up Chicago Area Sky

The moon appeared as a blood-red orb Monday night in a colorful phase of the total lunar eclipse.

8 photos
Michael McCurry
On Monday night, a "blood moon" appeared in the sky. The blood-red color was caused by the combination of sunlight and shadow during the total lunar eclipse. In this photo from Algonquin, the red hues blend together to create a colorful orb in the night sky.
Sheryl Smith
The "blood moon" appeared as a bright orange or red dot in the sky.
Mike Smith
The "blood moon" as seen from North Aurora.
The shadows against the sunlight make the moon appear blood red.
Liana R. Pribla
The "blood moon" seen from Huntley.
Dennis Persyk
Around 2 a.m. Tuesday morning, the "blood moon" shown brightly in the sky. This photo, taken from Hampshire, shows how bright the colors were.
Before the "blood moon" emerged, the moon appeared as a bright white light as usual.
Cindy Spudich
The moon transformed from white to red in a single night. This photo, taken from Lake Zurich, shows the moon during the transition.
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