A New Flick-Focused Workout

Equinox offers Blockbuster Body class


We all want to emerge from the gym looking like Gerard Butler in 300 or Demi Moore in Charlie’s Angels, so it’s only natural to spend our spare moments sweating it up to yield star-worthy results.

Blockbuster Body is a new class that takes its inspiration from movie posters with rock-hard abs and chiseled physiques. The heart-pumping high-intensity training class combines 60 minutes of sweat-inducing drills that are inspired by action heroes and ridiculously fit Hollywood personas. Expect to get a mix of martial arts training, running drills, core conditioning and strength training in one 60-minute session.

The class takes place at Equinox fitness centers. Members can take the class at no charge, but if you’re not a member, you can still check out the class as a guest by purchasing a $25 day pass.

For more info visit Equinox.com. You'll have a Hollywood 'bod in no time.

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