Blame It On The Rain !

It hasn't been a fun day out there. Chances are your commute heading home won't be much different than the one you had this morning. If you were late to work, I'm sorry. The rain, combined with construction, makes the Kennedy unbelievable brutal. As I write this at 11:30 or so, the Kennedy is jam-packed both ways at the Feeder Ramps. At least a half-hour in from the airport. Plus, delays remain on the Ike, and the Dan Ryan at levels heavier than normal.

Why does this happen? Because none of you are any good at driving in this stuff! Come on people, it's the same with the snow. You think you can still go fast, Then when you have to hit the brakes, you get scared and jam them hard. That forces the chain reaction of "oh expletives" and sure enough, everyone's crawling. Times balloon, patience wears thin.

Guess what, if you all go 45 MPH in the rain, then you can all move at 45 MPH and get to downtown much quicker. Easier said than done. (Just like when Milli Vanilli won Grammy's!)

**I was over at Studio 5 today and not in the Traffic Lounge. Fun to hang with the gang in person. We thought of a few new ideas we might have to implement over the next few months. Plus it was nice to have that "four-shot." That's the show where all four of us are on camera at the same time at the desk. That's something we haven't done since I believe last October.

I was there to help out for our "back to school" segment late in the show. A quiz competition between our expert news anchors and three kids who were about 10 years old. I was the moderator and put on my burgundy, Chuck Woolery style sport coat for the occasion. Super announcer voice and all, I read the five questions with pep and passion. Naturally for TV purposes the kids came out big winners by a final of 3-2. Zoraida was shocked, Andy was disappointed, and Rob didn't say a word (no really he didn't, check the tape, silence for about 4-5 minutes from Mr. Elgas).

What did they win? Nothing but pride, baby!!

**Look for some more chatter and for a few more interactive things in our newscast along the Facebook/Twitter/Soundoff lines. We want to see what issues everyone is talking about. Important (health care) or trivial (Jon and Kate), it doesn't matter. We're curious. So look for that in our newscast soon.

Now what else would you like to see in the show more often?

**Today on Maury (a boring one): "Vicious nannies, violent crimes and shocking crashes caught on tape."

**Trivia tomorrow, still working on a question. Dance Friday after that, still working on a song. It's been a sluggish week

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