Try the Black Swan-Inspired Workout

Equinox fitness debuts Keep Fit Ballet class


The Academy Awards may have come and gone, but the obsession with ballet-inspired workouts thanks to "The Black Swan" has anything but faded.

Equinox is taking ballet from the award-winning thriller to a whole new level by partnering with the Joffrey Ballet to offer members a chance to train under the guidance of professional ballet dancer/instructor Jocelyn Garner.

The class, titled Keep Fit Ballet, will be a mix of Pilates-focused ballet moves that come together to create a quick, calorie-torching workout from head to toe. The class runs for six weeks, with the first class beginning on April 28.

Check it out at the Gold Coast location of Equinox (900 North Michigan Avenue) on Thursday evenings from 7:30pm-8:30pm. And for those are far from twinkle-toed, never fear because previous ballet experience is not required.

Equinox members can take the class at no charge, and non-Equinox members can try the class by purchasing a day pass (which gives you access to the rest of the gym as well) for $35. 

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