Bite Me: Loaded Baked Potato Waffle

Not your regular potato side dish

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David Burke's Primehouse

Like a doting momma, just wants to feed you. Bite Me is our twice-weekly look at the most succulent dishes Chicago has to offer. Read on, eat well.

We all know what to expect when it comes to side dishes at most high-end steak houses. Asparagus on steroids. A baked potato. In other words, the same ol' same ol'. But David Burke's Primehouse not only prides itself on offering some of the best steaks in town, their menu items are also extremely inventive (don't leave without trying the cheesecake lollipop tree). The latest example is the Loaded Baked Potato Waffle, Chef Rick Gresh's inventive take on a potato side dish.

What's in it?
The waffle is made with potato flakes as opposed to regular waffle batter (so it's much more savory), and topped off like a loaded baked potato with your favorite items including: Shredded cheddar cheese, bacon bits, sour cream, chopped scallions, grilled beef, sautéed garlicky shrimp. You can also get add-on toppings like 207L beef tips, garlic shrimp or fried eggs with truffles.

Suggested pairing:
Pairs perfectly with a signature Primehouse dry-aged steak of course, but from a drink perspective, order a Pinot Noir or a hearty ale.

The Chef says:
"We normally don't serve baked potatoes, so this is my version of a loaded baked potato served in an unusual and creative fashion Primehouse style, which is what we are known for here." -- Rick Gresh

How much is it?
$7 by itself, toppings extra.

David Burke's Primehouse, 616 N. Rush St., (312)660-6000

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