Bite Me: Jackie's Chocolate Bag

Red Light's chef prepares to serve 250,000th dessert

Like a doting momma, just wants to feed you. Bite Me is our twice-weekly look at the most succulent dishes Chicago has to offer. Read on, eat well.

By her own calculations, Jackie Shen, Executive Chef of Red Light, will serve her 250,000th Chocolate Bag dessert sometime between now and October 11. She's been offering this delicious dessert for 25 years, back when she owned her own restaurant, Jackie's, and now's the perfect time to check it out as she approaches this milestone.

What's in it?
Jackie's Chocolate Bag is a rich chocolate "bag" filled with Belgian white chocolate mousse, fresh berries and a house-made raspberry sauce.

Suggested pairing: A 2 oz Godiva White Chocolate Shake.

The chef says: "I was inspired when watching a Julia Child show in which she featured a big bag of chocolate truffles. I translated that into the Chocolate Bag and it was a huge hit. Many have tried to copy the Chocolate Bag but they try to use a chocolate mold. Ours at Red Light are each hand made so the chocolate is really light and the whole dessert is really special." -- Jackie Shen

How much is it?
$10, but the Godiva White Chocolate Shake is included in the price until Oct. 11.

Special offer: When the 250,000th Chocolate Bag is sold, the lucky customer will receive a Chef's Tasting Dinner for four complete with paired wines and a private Chocolate Bag instructional session with Chef Shen in Red Light's kitchen.

Red Light, 820 W. Randolph, (312)733-8880. DESSERT MENU

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