Billy Dec's Engaged on Facebook

Chicago's consummate bachelor announces he's getting married

You can officially forget your crush on Billy Dec. The consummate bachelor is getting married.

For the masses, the news came via a status change from single to engaged on the Rockit Ranch Bar & Grill co-owner's Facebook page, prompting dozens of posts from his 4000 'friends.' 

Crain's Taking Names blog reports his closer friends got a mass e-mail  last night announcing the engagement.

“Sorry if shocking and seems weird in an e-mail,” he wrote. “Just haven’t been able to tell all of my friends fast enough. And don’t want you to hear from anyone else.”

What we don't know? Who the lucky lady is. We know it's not former girlfriend and "Bachelorette" star Jen Schefft, who announced her own engagement recently.

Comment below if you've got the scoop.

UPDATE: Looks like we may have a winner.

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