Biggest Loser Auditions, Chicago Style

Hundreds of applicants queue outside NBC for their chance at oversized stardom.

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Sheena Duggal
Lohden shows off the shirt she made.
Tara "Diva" Anderson, 44-year-old from the south side, was first in line for the Biggest Loser auditions in Chicago. "I've been out here since 11 p.m. Friday night just singing, talking and dancing," said Anderson.
Phil Brewer, a 42-year-old from Romeoville, Ill., waited since 11:45 pm with his fiance for a chance at being the Biggest Loser. "This is the first step of hopefully many more to come," said Brewer. "Good humor is keeping us alive."
The early birds who have been waiting in line for hours.
29-year-old Miranda Lohden drove six hours from Louisville, Ky. to audition. "This is mine and my sister's seventh time trying out," said Lohden.
Sheena Duggal
Lohden shows off the shirt she made.
Pumped to audition despite standing in the cold for hours.
From left to right: Jesse Ramsay from Evanston, Ill, Lori Hughes from Davenport, Iowa, Shelley Frizelis from Chicago, Ill., Andrea Welch from Naperville, Ill., and Korrin Daubman from East Moline, Ill. made new friends with one another since 4:45 a.m.
Billie Giles decided to celebrate her birthday driving five hours from Kentucky to try out for the Biggest Loser. "I passed up cake to come here," said Giles.
Eddie Ray Taylor from Louisville, Ky. is excited to tryout. "Instead of eating ice cream sandwiches watching the show, I came to stand in line," said Taylor.
Line up!
Miranda Lockhart gets support from her 6-year-old daughter, Madeline, after driving a few hours from Canton, Ohio. After a near death experience back in 2008, she's ready for change.
Janeida Rivera hopes someone from Chicago wins a spot on Season 10. This is Rivera's third time trying out and she's not giving up. "I'm going to New York next week to audtition there too," said Rivera. But she admits having McDonald's in line this morning was not a good start.
Trying to stay warm after hours of travel time to audition.
Almost there...
The wait in the lobby just before the audition.
Keisha Knox drove from Kentucky to Chicago in hopes to land a spot on the Biggest Loser. "I need to get on the show to lose weight and inspire my family to lose weight too," said Knox. She was happy her sister came with her for moral support.
Excited they're getting closer.
People who came to audition also had chances to win prizes from Seattle Sutton's.
Getty Images/ RM
Laneice Brown (L) and Laresa Robinson (R) have been best friends for 13 years. The two Chicago south side women are excited to try out. "I hope the show motivates me to get on my feet," said Brown.
Shannon Jones is from Racine, Wis. and auditions are nothing new to her. She has tried out for the Biggest Loser seven times. "I keep coming back because it's fun," said Jones.
Still smiling after waiting four hours.
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