Big Donors to Get Tickets to Swearing-In

President-elect Obama’s inaugural committee is inviting supporters to give as much as $50,000 or raise as much as $300,000 to underwrite the festivities, and is offering incentives that include tough-to-get spots at the swearing-in ceremony.

On Wednesday afternoon, top campaign donors – who helped Obama become the $1 billion man this campaign cycle — were e-mailed a schedule showing the perks of supporting the team one more time.

The contribution limits were voluntarily imposed by the Presidential Inaugural Committee, which points out that individuals have given as much as $250,000 to past inaugurals.

In keeping with the committee’s promised “new standard for openness,” organizers are posting the names of all the fund-raisers – known as “bundlers” – and donors of $200 or more. The committee says it posts the names of donors – along with their cities and occupations – within 48 hours of receiving the contribution.

According to the initial disclosure, seven people have raised the maximum of $300,000 each, and about 180 people have given the maximum of $50,000.

Here are the details sent to potential donors:

Presidential Inaugural Committee 2009
Finance Event Schedule

Inaugural Finance Committee (IFC )

$300,000 (raise) – Finance Trustee
4 Trustee Tickets to all Inaugural Finance Committee Events
4 Trustee Tickets to all official Inaugural Events

$50,000 – Finance Chair
2 Preferred Tickets to all Inaugural Finance Committee Events
4 Preferred Tickets to official Inaugural Events

Saturday January 17th
TBD IFC Finance Late night event

Sunday January 18th
9:00am-2:00pm Registration
TBD IFC Welcome Brunch with Special Guest
TBD Official Inaugural Welcome Event (All levels)
TBD Official Inaugural Evening Event (All levels)
TBD NFC Thank You Dinner hosted by Penny Pritzker

Monday January 19th
TBD IFC Breakfast Meeting with Special Guests
TBD Official Inaugural Event (All levels)
TBD Official Inaugural Entertainment Event
TBD IFC Bi-Partisan Dinners

Tuesday January  20th
TBD Official Inaugural Parade
TBD Finance Swearing-in & parade watch party (along parade route)
TBD Official Inaugural Balls

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