Big Sister: Sleepover 2.0

Chicago women organize technology-oriented slumber party

When most of us think of a slumber party, we imagine a bunch of giggling girls, perhaps some flirty boy talk, and maybe a pillow fight or two.

Well it looks like those girls have all grown up, and a group of Chicago women are having a slumber party that has only a slight resemblance to the high school version.

Sleepover 2.0 will bring nine tech-savvy women together in a room at the Sax Hotel for an 18-hour marathon event, complete with live panel discussions, product giveaways and surprise guests.

And in a true sign of the times, it will also be streamed live on the Internet using multiple camera angles at

"We're a diverse bunch -- married, single, divorced with children, but we're all very involved in the social media world," said Theresa Carter, founder of The Local Tourist Web site. "We wanted to have a group of women who are very outgoing and not afraid to put ourselves out there for 18 hours. We're all a bunch of megalomaniacs, so we'll see what happens."

The event will take place on March 7 from 4 p.m. to 10 a.m. It's sure to be an educational experience, however, we're still holding out hope for a pillow fight or two.

Full Disclosure: Two of the women involved in this project are members of the NBC Chicago Street Team.

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