Bedazzle Your Va-Jay-Jay

Trim Chicago offers Bedazzled Bikini service

Memorial 21

Summer is upon us, and that means time to head to the local spa to make sure every little last hair is waxed before your beach debut -- especially if we have to put up with the sight of you in a thong (although we really prefer you stick to a non-European style, thank you very much).

In summers' past, the Brazilian wax was the new naughty “it” treatment that everyone attempted to bear their way through, leaving you as hairless as an 8-year old girl.

But the Brazilian, dear friends, is old news. The new trend? Taking things up a notch and adding Swarovski crystal jewels to your nether regions. Yes, it’s called the bedazzled bikini service.

Jennifer Love Hewitt, who has talked openly about how she started bedazzling her “precious lady” after a breakup and now does it on a regular basis, says the process leaves her looking like a shiny disco ball.

Lucky for us Chicagoans, the trend has caught on here. Get in on the shining action at Trim Chicago, a custom tailored waxing spa that specializes in such specialized services as hair tinting, brightening treatments and custom shapes, all for your va-jay-jay.

But to really go all out, splurge on the Bedazzled Bikini Service, which includes a full defuzzing plus a Swarovski crystal skin jewelry appliqué. Interestingly enough, the treatment was popular before Hewitt shared her, uh, love for the disco ball. But now, the spa says customers come in regularly asking for the treatment that Hewitt loves, a.k.a. Vagazzling.

Sounds like the perfect way to get back at your ex.


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