Eco-Friendly Beaujolais Wines Set to Debut at Wine Discount Center

The third Thursday of every November, Beaujolais nouveau wine lovers celebrate the release of that year's vintage. (Beaujolais nouveau wines are only fermented for a few weeks before they released and ready to drink.) "Beaujolais Day" parties take place around the world (including at Fox & Obel in Chicago), which has caused some controversy as of late.

With people becoming more green-minded, Beaujolais producers have taken heat for the carbon footprint their wines leave due to shipping the product in mass quantities from France around the world. Two Beaujolais winemakers, Mommessin and Bouchard-Aine, have taken the environmental concerns into their own hands and created lightweight, eco-friendly bottles that reduce transportation costs.

Both Beaujolais wines will be available at all Wine Discount Center locations when they are released on "Beaujolais Day," Nov. 20.

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