Be a Man Who Smells Good Enough to Eat

AXE releases chocolate-scented products

There's a cottage industry in businesses creating products trying to answer that one elemental question -- what do women want?

It sparked a Mel Gibson/Helen Hunt chick flick a few years ago.

Burger King is banking that a lot of women love men that smell like charred meat, hence its release of a burger-scented body spray for men.

But what about chocolate? It's been scientifically proven that some of the ingredients in chocolate triggers pleasure receptors in a woman's brain (or something like that), but does that translate to the same desire for a man who only smells like chocolate?

The folks at AXE are betting on that connection. The brand, known for its sexually-charged campaigns, is presently pimping AXE Dark Temptation, a deodorant body spray and shower gel that smells like chocolate.

Never mind that this is the same company (Unilever) responsible for those female-empowering Dove ads. Apparently, what women really want is a man who smells good enough to eat.

More information at Daily Candy.

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