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Make a difference in women’s lives – now and in the future
The Institute for Women’s Health Research (IWHR) at Northwestern University is working to advance women’s health through research, and they need your help. Join the over 1500 women who have already signed up to further sex- and gender-specific research and education in Illinois that is focused on benefiting women—now and in the future.

The IWHR has created a women’s health Registry as part of a greater plan to extend women’s healthcare needs. If you enroll in the Registry, you will join a cause that encourages the study of sex differences between women and men that affect the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease. And you and other participants will be an integral part of improving knowledge about women's health for yourselves, your daughters, your granddaughters and many generations to come.

The goal of the IWHR is to register 3000 women per year, so they would welcome your participation. And if you agree that research about women’s health issues will make an important impact, please spread the word to your friends. Together we’ll make a real difference in women’s lives.

How to join
You can join online, or you can request to have a paper version sent to you. All of your personal information will be kept strictly confidential. For more information on confidentiality and other topics, see the Registry Web site’s frequently asked questions page. You can also download their PDF brochure for more information.

Why it is important to study women’s health
According to Teresa K. Woodruff, PhD, principal investigator for the Registry and executive director of the Institute, “Sex and gender play a significant role in health beyond the reproductive system. Scientists now realize that sex differences influence virtually every body system. The Registry will help researchers include more women in their research so we can better understand how and why illnesses develop in women, how to best treat diseases in women, and what women can do to prevent illness. I believe that women throughout Illinois are very excited to be part of the Registry and help us find the answers.”
Women’s health statistics are often unknown, and they can be alarming.

  • Heart disease is the #1 killer of American women
  • Lung cancer is the leading cause of women’s cancer death, followed by colorectal and breast cancer
  • Women are more likely than men to die of a stroke
  • More women die from Alzheimer’s disease much more often than men – almost twice as often
  • 75 percent of people with autoimmune diseases are women
  • Women’s bodies are different from men’s in more than just the obvious ways, and medical researchers are now beginning to realize the importance of studying women separately from men in order to gain a better understanding of these differences. To help women and medical professionals in Illinois find out why diseases affect women differently than men, the Institute for Women's Health Research at Northwestern University has created the Illinois Women's Health Registry. Your participation in the Registry, and potentially in research studies, gives you an opportunity to make a difference in women’s lives.

    Why you should participate

  • To join a large group of women interested in women's healthcare issues
  • To help improve the health of future generations of Illinois women
  • To make yourself more aware of your own health issues
  • To help researchers learn more about the factors that affect our health, and in so doing, help them improve prevention and treatment of our health conditions
  • To receive information from specialty physicians and researchers from our periodic newsletters
  • To gain access to groundbreaking studies for new medications and healthy lifestyle interventions
  • Participation requirements
    You don’t have to be a patient of or affiliated with Northwestern to be eligible to participate. The only requirements are that you are a female resident of Illinois over the age of 18.

    Learn more about the Women's Health Registry
    The Institute for Women’s Health Research is located at the following address:
    300 E. Superior
    Tarry 12-703
    Chicago, IL 60611

    If you have questions about the Illinois Women’s Health Registry or what your participation would entail, please visit their Web site, email at whregistry@northwestern.edu or call at 312-503-1308 or 800-984-IWHR (4947).

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