Battle of Chicago's Newspapers

Golden Local Debate focuses on best city newspaper

Cubs versus Sox. Deep dish versus thin crust. Obama versus Hillary. Chicago has had its fair share of rivalries, but one cutthroat competition plays itself out every morning on the doorsteps of Chicagoans -- the Chicago Sun-Times versus the Chicago Tribune.

And like any rivalry, the two sides have distinct differences. The Sun-Times' tone leans left of center, while the Tribune trends toward the conservative side. Where the Sun-Times tends to shout, the Tribune prefers to be understated.

But both approaches attract a distinct audience, which is why both newspapers have been able to coexist in various forms for more than 150 years.

There's no question that both newspapers are competitive with each other, and any competition needs a winner. That's where the latest Golden Local Debate comes in. A winner will be chosen in two weeks, based on your votes.

The comments are already flowing in, with the Trib's supporters pointing out its top-notch investigative reporting and thorough reporting without the sensationalism. The Sun-Times' supporters laud everything from that paper's quality columnists, sports coverage and even its obituary section.

So who's #1? Let them report. You decide.

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