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Ali Precious Jewelry

Ali Precious

QUITE A CATCH: Lucky Magazine thinks she’s got what it takes, and so do we. Local jewelry designer Ali Pesche of Ali Precious jewelry hand-makes this smoke-embedded catcher necklace in 14K gold  with colorful crystals. Available online at Ali Precious.

FOSSILIZED JEWELRY: Check out the new jewelry lines at Robin Richman; the store is now carrying Melissa Joy Manning, an archaeological line of limited edition fossilized trilobytes encased in 14K gold and sterling silver. Check out the collection here.
OLD AND NEW: Turn in a gently used handbag to get 15 percent off any new bag or accessory at 1154 Lill Studio. The donated bags will go to charity, and you can feel even better about upgrading to a new one. At Lill Studio.
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