Diva Sandwiches Debut in Boystown

Wally & Agador's offers gourmet sandwiches

A sandwich is the most basic of foods -- slap a filling in between two pieces of bread and you're good to go.

But even a basic sandwich can be high art, which is the idea behind the new Wally & Agador's Gourmet Café (3310 N. Halsted St.).

Award-winning chef/owner Michael Lachowicz, who owns Restaurant Michael in Winnetka, is concentrating on gourmet sandwiches instead of fine dining entrees at the new spot which opened last week.

"It doesn't have to be fine dining to be great food," Lachowicz says. "All of the gourmet sandwiches at Wally & Agador's are made with the same classic French techniques that are used in a restaurant, but without the fuss and expense."

All of the sandwiches range in price from $7 to $12.

The restaurant is named after his two "diva" dogs, and the names of the sandwiches are diva-inspired as well, such as The Judy Garland, Rosie's Mambo Italiano, and The Elton John. The 16-seat restaurant is also decorated with black-and-white pictures of the divas the sandwiches are named after.

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