Artists, Make Your Mark

Enter a poster design contest for the Chicago Public Library

The Chicago Public Library challenges talented artists and designers to create a poster to advertise their new web site URL -- – and its ''Not What You Think'' campaign. 

This ain't your granddad's library full of dusty old tomes – you can take advantage of music and audio book downloads, new release DVDs and free Wi-Fi. Of course some things haven't changed – you still need to get a library card.

Design submissions will be accepted through April 9 and will be judged by Jay Ryan of The Bird MachineChicago Library Commissioner Mary Dempsey and All Terrain Creative Director Brian Willette.  Prizes include your work making a mark all over the city through ads and T-shirts, a framed pencil drawing of a Jay Ryan original screen print design, and a framed poster of your winning design. 

Check out the details of how to enter as well as rules and regulations, and frequently asked questions.

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