Art Norman Rocks the 2009 Chicago Auto Show

See how NBC5's Art Norman prepared for his appearances on NBC5's live broadcast from the 2009 Chicago Auto Show at McCormick Place.

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NBC5's Art Norman co-hosted the station's live television special from the 2009 Chicago Auto Show and made a lot of new friends throughout the day.
A lot goes into the production, too, especially in the final hours before the show went live.
The hour long show was shot live on location at McCormick Place during the second day the 2009 Chicago Auto Show was open to the public. Art is getting ready for a segment as members of his crew set up.
As the show goes on and other correspondents file reports, Art Norman prepares for his interview with Ford's Trevor Scott about the new 2010 Ford F-150 Harley Davidson model.
During the show Art had a segment from Ford's Hybrid Test Drive game. He is seen here with the game's host and 10-year-old Mackenzie, who took to the "cyber" streets competing against Art on live television.
Before the segment began, Art waited patiently for the cue he received from the production booth.
After the segment was all done, Art, Mackenzie, and her mother stopped for a photo with other Chicago Auto Show guests.
Members of the technical crew move to the next part of their busy day after sending back a live weather report from Ginger Zee and other video for NBC5's 5 p.m. broadcast.
Art Norman is seen here with Chairman of the 2009 Chicago Auto Show Mark Scarpelli.
NBC5's LeeAnn Trotter is seen here preparing for a live segment with a puppy and its owner.
As LeeAnn's cue draws near, Field Producer Steve Boal (center, wearing baseball cap) and other members of Trotter's crew prep for the perfect shot...
...And LeeAnn gets to know the cuddly interviewee.
It was an incredibly busy day for Art Norman...
...But between rehearsing for interviews and being on live television...
...He was still able to meet people around the hall and make some new friends.
Art makes a few more friends at the Ford booth. As for the broadcast, each NBC personality seen on screen had a behind-the-scenes crew of at least 5 people on hand...
...And many technicians, producers, directors and other technical crew throughout the McCormick Place grounds to make sure the show got off well. Art gives the thumbs up here from the Ford F-150.
The 2009 Chicago Auto Show marks the 101st year of the event.
The Chicago Auto Show is known as the nation's largest auto show.
Art Norman at the 2009 Chicago Auto Show.
Organizers boasted over 1,000 vehicles would be on display during the event.
The Chicago Auto Show runs from Friday February 13th to Saturday February 21, 2009.
Art Norman is seen here with some guests of the Chicago Auto Show. During the hour long broadcast, Art Norman was joined by co-hosts Brant Miller, Charlie Wojciewchowski, Paula Faris, Ginger Zee, LeeAnn Trotter and Matt Rodewald.
The seven correspondents were placed at many locations around McCormick Place...
...And they filed reports about new cars, old models, concept cars and some of the many activities available for the guests of the Chicago Auto Show.
Art Norman at the 2009 Chicago Auto Show.
NBC5 Chicago also served as a co-sponsor of the Chicago Auto Show's First Look for Charity...
...a philanthropic event held each year at the Auto Show that historically raises upwards of nearly $2 million for 18 local Chicagoland charities. Art is seen here giving his signature thumb's up.
The Chicago Auto Show is consistently seen as an ideal venue for unveil new models and inventive concept cars...
...And to display models of vehicles that are already available to the public.
NBC5's live broadcast from the Chicago Auto Show was on the air from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. on Saturday February 14.
The television special was rebroadcast on NBC5 at 11:05 p.m. on Sunday February 15.
Art stops for a photo with co-host Matt Rodewald as well as Katie and Patrick who served as two of the show's production assistants.
Just after the broadcast ended, Art Norman, co-host LeeAnn Trotter and their Audio Technician Joe S. stop for a photo.
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