Art Institute Moves, Expands Galleries

With a permanent collection as impressive as theirs, The Art Institute of Chicago doesn't have to change things up much; bring in some new Monets every couple years, point folks towards "American Gothic," flip off the lights when the night's over. But the museum's floorplan got a pretty major shakeup over the weekend: their African and Native American art collections have been moved into the Morton Wing, offering triple the display space of their former home and an entirely new environment to show off all that history.

Curators Kathleen Bickford Berzock and Richard Townsend worked closely with architect Kulapat Yantrasast to transform the Morton Wing space, adding light and erecting a series of gates to section off the gallery. They're now displaying dozens more works than ever before, even incorporating video works that help show off the ceremonial artworks as they're meant to be used. The new gallery's open now; should be more than worth checking out on Wednesday, when the museum hosts its bimonthly Free Family event.

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