Are Comb Overs Making a Comeback?

Fall Hair Fashion

Turns out that what’s “in” is looking like you haven’t had any work done. What else is new?

This trend spreads to hair this fall, and gents everywhere may be spotted sporting longer, unkempt dos.
The number one trend in hair for men? Looking like you haven’t done a damn thing. Straight blade, longer, touseled looks are in for the fall, Bob Patrizi, owner of Halo for Men says.
In other words, get a haircut that looks like you haven't had a haircut. Get it?
Unfortunately for everyone who has to look at you, '60s inspired classic cuts are back in, too. Heavy comb-overs and pompadours are the faves, claims Patrizi. You might be asking yourself, did I miss the memo on Pompadours? Nope, it was the famous ‘do of Elvis Presley. You just haven’t seen it in a really long time.
If it’s not your life-long dream to channel Elvis, shorter dos are still the rage for the majority, just with updated notes.
“If you opt to go for a shorted do, always sport a naturally faded neck line,” Patrizi said. “That's the new classic for buzzed heads.”
And metrosexuals everywhere will be pleased to learn that facials are a “do” for transitioning into fall to shed off those dead cells from summer golfing and boating.
And one last note; if the surf and turf look is your style, it’s time to give your locks some love, my friend. Turn to the deep-conditioner to give those strands some TLC.  “The sun-in surfer hair is just not acceptable for the fall,” Patrizi said. “Healthy hair is.”
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