App Review: What Should I Wear Running

App for iPhone, Android aims to simplify running wardrobe decisions


With volatile weather in Chicago, the definition of "seasonally appropriate" clothing can change on a dime.

We’re no strangers to freezing winds and sweltering triple-digit temperatures, so knowing what to wear sometimes poses a challenge.

What Should I Wear Running, available for iPhone and Android, aims to solve the struggle of choosing your gear. It’s a free download that takes into account the weather and tells you exactly how to accessorize. If it's 30 degrees, a long-sleeved shirt and a vest may be best. Eighty-five degrees and you'd better slap on a hat and sunblock.

You can have the app calculate based on location or you can manually input weather conditions. Either way, you select temperature preference and gender in settings (though gender only really changes the images displayed).

Each clothing item shown comes with a description like “Gloves: To keep your hands warm on a cold or cool day” and information that borders on obvious at times. Zippered jackets can be left unzipped, you say?

Overall, I think the app would best serve new runners or new Chicagoans, who are not well-versed in running clothes or Midwestern weather. There’s also an online version on designed to answer the same question.

If you’re seasoned, you probably have your uniform at the ready. But if you need to eliminate the step between checking the weather and checking your closet, this app may be for you.

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