Another Way to Grab Your Music and Go

SlotMusic Cards Offer Variety of Media Content

Many of us are old enough to remember a time when flexibility in playing your music collection meant the difference between playing your vinyl at 33, 45 or 78 rpm. Then came eight-track players, cassettes and cds, before MP3 files blew up the industry.

Instead of fighting the MP3 revolution and the inevitable misuse through free downloads, companies are starting to embrace the technology. Last week SanDisk teamed with multi-platinum selling artist Akon to release his new album, Freedom, on slotMusic cards. The memory cards -- similar to what you may use in your digital camera -- can contain files with the artist's music, but also hold other media types, such as video and pictures.

In Akon's case, the Freedom slotMusic card features extras including a mini-documentary video on his life, a music video and images. Several other artist's albums are available this way, and the cards are sold at places like Best Buy.

SanDisk has also created a player for around $20 that is compatible with the slotMusic cards, but the cool thing is, the cards will also work in devices you might already have -- a microSD-enabled computer, camera or mobile phone.

And because the music is DRM free, you can transfer the files onto your computer, into your iTunes and iPod, or however you manipulate your music. Now that's what you call freedom.

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