Angels & Kings Moving to Hard Rock Hotel

Rocker joint to take over Base Bar

Even a king can tire of his palace.

And in this case, the king would be musician Pete Wentz, and the palace, his rock and roll-themed nightspot Angels & Kings that will officially move from its 710 North Clark Street location to new digs at the Hard Rock Hotel Chicago after the new year.

The new AK will take over Hard Rock's Base Bar, which is located at the South Water Street entrance of the hotel.

The owners describe the new spot as a step up from the "distressed den feel of their current location" to a "more refined joint, but with the same mentality –- no velvet ropes, no judgment –- come as you are."

The new space will also house a stage for impromptu shows, performances and the popular AK karaoke battles.

And regulars will be happy to know that the Mug Shot Wall will remain, albeit in digital form.

The new location is scheduled to open on Jan. 20th.

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