Amp Up Your Hair Like Steven Tyler

Feather hair extensions the latest rage


Celebs from Hilary Duff to Steven Tyler have been sporting feathered hair accessories in their manes, so now Chicago is latching on to the feathering trend.

Channel the stars (whether you’rea girl or dude) at Johnathan Breitung Salon & Luxury Spa, the only salon in Chicago offering one of the latest Hollywood trends -- feather extensions.

Feathers in your hair? Yep, believe it. Twenty-five bucks will get you two feather extensions and $10 for each subsequent feather added. Customize your very own extensions by adding different colors to your main and a touch of texture.
The non-damaging extensions last for up to six weeks and can be taken out and replaced as necessary, plus, you can shampoo, condition and even straighten them. Plus, you can pick out different lengths and kinds of feathers for a look that’s truly your own (or, truly Steven Tyler's, whatever your preference).
Now, if we only had access to their wardrobes.
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