Al's Got the Best Beef

Restaurant receives Golden Local Award for Best Italian Beef

Al's Beef received the Golden Local Award Friday, honoring its victory in the competition for the "Best Italian Beef" in the city.

After a two-week competition against Mr. Beef on, Al's Beef won handily with 73 percent of the vote.

Brian, the Golden Local human trophy, visited the original Little Italy location on Friday to present the restaurant with a certificate, greet customers, and give them props for having the best beef around.

"We are incredibly honored to be named Chicago's Best Italian Beef, we would like to thank our loyal customers who visit us time and time again," owner Chris Pacelli said.

To celebrate the big win, participating Al's Beef locations will be holding a Fan appreciation day on Wednesday, May 20. All regular-sized Italian beef sandwiches will be on sale for only $1.

The Golden Local Awards are designed to highlight the "best of the best" in Chicago. The monthly events are held on, settling these debates once and for all. Other debates have included best fans (White Sox (winner) vs. Cubs), neighborhoods (Lincoln Park (winner) vs. Hyde Park) and comedy clubs (Zanies (winner) vs. Improv Olympics.

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