AllSaints Announces New Weekend Popups

Prefer the bustling crowds of a cool street fest to the bustling crowds of tourists on Michigan Avenue? Then AllSaints fans, rejoice. The Brit retailer is moving aggressively forward on its decision to popup at area festivals. After a successful start at Wicker Park Fest and Pitchfork parties, the new-to-Chicago store is venturing beyond its Michigan Avenue for several more weekend events this summer.

First up, this weekend's Built fest in Wicker Park, where indie artists take over giant shipping containers -- meaning AllSaints' 8x20x8-foot vintage shipping trunk full of chic dresses, tops, and jewelry will fit right in. There's no fitting room, but mirrors will be on hand if you want to try something on.

And next month, AllSaints is set to pop up twice more: at the North Coast Festival September 2-4, and the Wells Street Fall Fest, September 10-11.

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