Advice from Runner’s World for the Chicago Marathon

Some Chicago residents may forget that lots of international runners come into town specifically for the marathon coming up on October 13.

But Bart Yasso, Chief Running Officer at Runner’s World, posted a video recently with 5 Chicago-specific pieces of advice for out-of-towners and locals alike.

Check it out at their website to hear more on these tips, and maybe you'll see the city with tourists' eyes:

1. Go for a lakefront run.

2. Arrive early on race morning.

3. Run at an even pace.

4. Utilize the pace teams.

5. Spectator friendly course.

His last tip is particularly helpful, with specific areas and paths that your fan club should hit as they cheer you on. Got any more advice for next Sunday? Let us know, and be sure to check out our own weekly training tips  and on race day, watch the race here on, or on your mobile phone by using one of our apps. 

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