About Last Night

Piven comes home, lounging at the Lux and downing Dos Equis

Thursday night's the best night to hit the town -- the weekend's so close, there's an extra bit of celebratory joie de vivre to the festivities. Here's a rundown of why you should be hungover today:

Piven Pimps New Movie
We had to stop by the AMC Theater in Streeterville to check out local homeboy Jeremy Piven who was in town to promote his latest flick, "The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard." The usual gaggle of celeb-watchers crowded the lobby for the red-carpet affair, and dished out a few bucks for the screening. Piven shook plenty of hands and mugged for the cameras with his mother, Joyce, director Neil Brennan and Chicago Cubs pitcher Randy Wells -- who was looking pretty relaxed, seeing as he takes the mound Monday. Piven calls it "funniest movie he's ever been a part of." Really? Did he bother to watch "Old School?"

Peeping Out the New LuxLounge
We've wanted to check out Luxbar's new upstairs lounge since it opened a couple of weeks ago, so tonight seemed as good a time as any. The Cheeky Chicago gals threw a pre-Air and Water show bash in the newly-renovated spot.

The lounge serves as an alternative to the rest of the scene in that neighborhood "affectionately" referred to as the Viagara Triangle. It's not meant to be too clubby, but don't be surprised if a dance party breaks out when the female-only DJs start spinning. The doors open on Saturday evenings only -- unless there's a special event -- but we're told to expect additional nights on the menu sometime in the near future.

The Most Interesting Party in the World
A party at the Museum of Science and Industry? Sure, that's happened before, but usually it's a tad stuffier and dressier than the affair thrown by Dos Equis' Most Interesting Academy -- literally a way of life suggested by the beer maker through online tutorials and cool commercials you've undoubtedly seen.

And nobody went thirsty at this soiree my friends -- or bored. International mohawk "coiffeurists," karate demonstrations, live DJs and plenty of gyrating dancing girls kept everyone, um, stimulated. And high-octane TLC's Andrew Zimmern brought his high-octane personality and some of his "Bizarre Foods" to the table as well.

If you missed this one, don't fret. Dos Equis plans to bring "The Most Interesting Show in the World" to Chicago this fall, a carnival-style affair.

We don't always go out during the week, but when we do -- we always make it a Thursday night.

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