About Last Night: The Poke Party

Battle of the Bhut, SOFA preview bash, Addiction Thursdays

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The About Last Night crew couldn't update its status fast enough Thursday evening, as we moved from one party spot to the next. Here's what we found.

What's Your Status
Social networking is all the rage these days but it often misses one important component -- actually meeting the people you're communicating with. JBar hosted a Facebook bash in homage to all the people who can't get enough of poking, updating statuses and planning their next move in Mafia Wars. Pics from the party were immediately uploaded to Facebook, of course. It's all part of their monthly Addiction Thursdays series, which next month goes the Ugly Sweater route. Yes, it tis the season.

SOFA Party
The 16th annual Sculpture Objects & Functional Art Fair (SOFA) hits Navy Pier this weekend, and kicked off with a opening night preview bash where art fiends got a chance to get the first glimpse at the goods. This isn't your typical outdoor summer art fair where $20 might snag you a cute little trinket to take home. It's window shopping for most folks, which many items costing tens of thousands of dollars. But apparently some people roll like that, because some the items had red dots, meaning they were sold, in which case, maybe this might be a good spot to hit if you're in the market for a sugar daddy. SOFA, Friday - Sunday, Navy Pier Festival Hall, $15 Day Pass

Battle of the Bhut
Bill Kurtis may be faster than Floyd Mayweather, Michael Phelps and Andy Roddick, and apparently he can also add the art of being invisible to his supernatural powers. OK, maybe we're a little sore that the Chicago legend dropped out of his play-by-play duties for the Battle of the Bhut XXX wing-eating competition at the last minute, but once the contest got started at Jake Melnick's Corner Tap, all was forgotten. Thirteen men competed to see who could eat the most Jake's XXX wings in 5 minutes, wings that are made with the Bhut Jolokia pepper, the hottest of its kind in the world. It was insanse. It was kind of gross. And the winner, Joe Brown, ate 21 wings, won some box seats at the United Center and a year's worth of wings at Jake's, which judging by the look on his face after the contest, he won't be taking advantage of anytime soon.

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