About Last Night: Super Fun Fashion

Sister Cities Fashion Show, behind Cuvee's velvet ropes, @superfun

The About Last Night Crew has been dying to do the hump day thing. Wednesday has a character all it's own. You're halfway through the week -- neither here nor there -- and it seems like just the right time to say frick it, I'm gonna hang out and toss back a few tonight. But if you withheld the urge last night, we took care of it for you.

World Fashion Chicago
You think it was a pure coincidence that this ode to the city's fashion diversity was held on the same week that Chicago's 2016 Olympic hopes and dreams are being considered in Copenhagen? C'mon, there's no such thing as a coincidence in the city these days, but regardless of the timing, there's no shame in throwing a top-notch fashion show featuring 35 local designers. The designers were chosen to represent Chicago's connections to its 28 Sister Cities, so you saw everything from African print clothing to furry hats from the Eastern Europe. And yes, the show kicked off with three models sporting Chicago 2016 skin-tight dresses. Globalization never looked so good.

Behind the Velvet Ropes
World Fashion Chicago's after-party was held at the stylish new ultra-lounge, River North's Cuvee Chicago (308 W. Erie). Things usually don't get poppin' in this place until closer to midnight, so it was interesting to see an early crowd take over the spot. In essence, it's one big VIP lounge, so bottle service is a must here on a regular night. And no, your admittance is far from guaranteed. Dress to impress and make sure you've got plenty of gals in your entourage.

It's All in the Name
If you're going to call your weekly party @superfun, you'd better deliver on that promise. Serious party-minded people, especially on a Wednesday night, aren't looking for irony in their nightlife scene, certainly not the kind that causes people nickname a big dude Tiny. No, it's about putting the "nightlife back into the hands of the kids who care." It's an industry heavy event, filled with people who are about -- you guessed it -- having fun. It all goes down at Jbar, located in the James Hotel (610 N. Rush St.). Enjoy the food and drink specials and especially the music curated by up-and-coming DJ/producer Million $ Mano and the occasional live music set. It's just what you need to get over that hump.

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