About Last Night: Match Made in Wine Heaven

Elysian open for business, Bordeaux fanatics hit Y Bar

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To officially be considered part of the "see and be seen" set, you need to check out the buzziest spots as soon as they open.

Which is why the About Last Night crew wasted no time trekking down to the new Elysian Hotel in the Gold Coast, and specifically, their happy hour destination, Bernard's.

It still has that new car smell after opening its doors on Wednesday, and the scenesters packing it in smelled pretty good too.

Bernard's is a cozy leather and wood decor'd lounge on the second floor of the hotel, small and plush enough to cozy up with a special someone and big enough to comfortably fit your work crew.

The bar offers classic cocktails like the Brown Derby, a Manhattan-like concoction with bourborn, grapefuit and honey, plus a wide selection of local and imported craft beers and fine wines and champagne.

If you're hungry, choose from a selection of bites from the upstairs restaurant, Balsan, although we're guessing if you're spending a lot of time with this crowd, you'll want to keep an eye on that waistline.

Bordeaux Matchmaking events are making their way across the country and Thursday night was Chicago's turn.

It's a twist on traditional matchmaking with guests paired together based on their taste in wine, information gathered during the RSVP process.

Not surprisingly, downtown's Y Bar was packed for the free event, which throbbed with energy from the DJ, a live drummer and violinist, and of course, the free wine.

Now that's what we like to call a match made in wine heaven.

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