Ed, Jillian Help Bachelor Grill New League of Ladies

Jillian Harris and Ed Swiderski saved a train wreck on the Bachelor season premiere Monday.

Just when the newest season's ladies had reached their limit of bad co-pilot analogies, last year's Bachelorette and her chosen man came in to save their friend Jake.

The season premiere of The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love did not disappoint on drama. A lot of drama.

And Ed and Jillian came to interview the 25 women invited to meet Jake Pavelka.

"I think we understand your intentions," Ed said to the man he competed with last year for Jillian's affections.

"We are going to grill them," Jillian said.

And they did. Ed and Jillian interviewed several of the potential leading ladies -- and dancing was encouraged.

Some of their questions?

What is your opinion about sex before marriage? Dealbreakers? How do you stand out?

Good questions. But not all the answers were quite as impressive.

The most important question came from Jake to last year's blissful couple now living in Chicago.

"Who should I give first impression rose to?" Jake asked.

The in list included Elizabeth. Ella. Sheila. Katherine.

The out list? Michelle.

Turned out Jake turned to his own instincts when it came to the first rose when he gave it to Tenley.

Ed and Jillian did break one bit of news about their future. They are looking to make an addition to their relationship.

"We are trying for a puppy," Jillian said.

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