A Return to Hollywood Glamour

 Of course the Golden Globes is all about the awards---but tell the truth:  you watch it to see who's wearing what, right?

But two local fashion experts say that on the whole, there way more hits than misses this year.

"My absolute favorite was Amy Adams, who looked stunning in Oscar De La Renta. It just screamed award show glamour," says D. Graham Kostic, fashion editor for CS Magazine.

"Eva Longoria was drop dead beautiful, and Eva Mendes' necklace was stunning," says Barbara Glass, Lakeshore Magazine Fashion Editor.

They both disliked Renee Zellweger's dress, but disagreed about Maggie Gyllenhaal's leopard print off one shoulder design.  Graham liked it, Barbara didn't.

As far as trends go, there were lots of pale, soft colors like oyster and off-white. Strapless or off one shoulder styles were extremely popular as well.

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