A Notch on Your Belt

isABelt Offers a "Fix It" Fashion Accessory

We may not all be Janet Jackson, but in the age of skinny jeans and thongs, a girl can use a little help in protecting herself against a public wardrobe malfunction.

That's where isABelt comes in. It's a plastic, belt-like fashion accessory and fix-it for embarrassing wardrobe issues like back gap, pants slippage and belt bulk.

The isABelt can also serve as a nip and a tuck for your pants if you have gained weight or are trying to lose weight. Expand your jeans or pants by popping the top button and using the isABelt to keep them up and tighten it back up when you shed those pounds -- if you shed those pounds.

The isABelt are clear thin plastic straps that can be customized to the waist and are available in three different sizes. It's also available for men.

At the end of the day, isABelt won't help you avoid a Janet nipplegate-type scandal, but it will definitely help you cover your butt.

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