A Nightmare on Your Street

Just when you thought it was safe to doze off in class, Freddy's back.

Two suburban schools are vying for the chance to have the knife-gloved killer who targets only drowsy, good-looking teens come to their campus to make his latest movie.

A Nightmare on Elm Street is one of the most successful horror franchises in history -- and it's still going strong. Preproduction has started on a remake of the original 1984 film -- and producers are interested in Elk Grove and Hersey high school campuses as a location, the Trib reported.

School officials are treating the filmmakers' request as a facility rental and aren't planning to review the script. But as anyone who's seen the horror classic will tell you, it's pretty gruesome, and Hollywood horror remakes tend to up the carnage.

Some school board members aren't worried about the content of the movie, but District 214 Board President Lenore Gonzales Bragaw told the Tribune she wants to know what would be filmed on campus.

The district is trying to get some of the film crew to do a bit of show-and-tell for students.  If they do, we want to know if journalists can come, too.

The original film came out when Will Smith was just a rising hip hop artist.  While you're waiting to find out if either school will be a part of the movie, check out this video made out of clips of the film and his 1988 hit, "A Nightmare on Your Street."

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