A Little Dab Will Do Ya

Supernatural Coloring Book provides portable beauty products


It's time to get back to basics. Labor Day looms and we've been on the go, jetting here, weekending there, soaking up every carefree moment we can before life returns back to complicated. The last thing we need is an overstuffed make-up bag bogging us down.

Fortunately, Philosophy just unveiled the Supernatural Coloring Book, our key to portable, low-maintenance beauty. The lightweight compact snaps shut magnetically to resemble an adorable little notebook. The lip, cheek and eye color come in one set of neutral shades for that "I don't wear makeup" look that Philosophy promotes.

OK, fine, maybe you'll want to pack a mascara too. But that's it -- the suggested Coloring Book application method is at your oh-so-natural fingertips. Shimmer up your eyes, dab a pout on your mouth, rub some warmth on your cheeks and maybe even blot your nose. Then get out of the Oak Street beach bathroom and relish those dog days!

Save the ornate '80s drama face for Fall. It'll be here soon enough, at which point the Coloring Book will become your Sunday brunch saver. It's as simple as that.

Ali Weiss writes for cheekychicago.com and her shoulder hurts from walking the lakefront with too many lipsticks in her bag.

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