A Heavy Dose of Metallica

Heavy metal gods play two nights at Allstate Arena

Any antics Metallica has gotten themselves into over the past few years were left at the loading dock Monday night.

Loyal followers, new fans, and those that believe the band ceased to exist after the ...And Justice For All album would be satiated by the end of the night. With decades of experience and just shy of a small library of albums, how could it slip our minds that these guys can put on a great show?

The stage was centered on the Allstate Arena floor, allowing the crowd to circle around their metal heroes. But the group let no side go unnoticed, as they effortlessly worked the entire stage.

Coffin-shaped fixtures housed lights that bounced off mirrors on stage, creating a colorful laser light show, while microphones dotted the perimeter, allowing the band to play from virtually any location.

The low stage allowed for easy access for a few high fives from James Hetfield and a satisfying supply of in your face shredding from Kirk Hammett.

Yes, they played the new stuff, but the set list was heavily stacked with favorites like Creeping Death, One, Ride the Lightning, Master of Puppets, and Seek and Destroy.

Allstate Arena is not known for great sound, but the guys made it work and left thousands sweaty and smiling. Whatever your musical political stance may be on the evolution of Metallica can wait. When these guys take the stage just watch, listen, and by all means ... bang your head.

Maureen Vana is a member of the NBC Chicago Street Team blog. Check out more of her concert photos at www.vanaphotography.com.

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