A Dirty Flirty Party

Flirty Girl Fitness Hosts "Dirty Dancing" Party

“Nobody puts baby in a corner.” And evidently, no one can confine her to the small screen either.

The women -- and men (even if they won't admit it) -- of Chicago were thrilled when they heard that the worldwide musical smash hit Dirty Dancing would be having its pre-Broadway U.S. premiere at the Cadillac Palace Theatre.

But there was a different kind of dancing on display when the cast recently visited Flirty Girl Fitness for a party in the show's honor.

"When I heard Dirty Dancing was coming to Chicago, and it was going to launch nationally here, I thought what a wonderful opportunity," says Kerry Knee, Flirty Girl Fitness' owner. "It's so what we do. We love fitness and anything that's wild and crazy and edgy and different."

All of the proceeds from the sexy soiree went to "Fight for a Future without Breast Cancer." The highlights included special tribute performances from the Flirty Girls, a chance to meet the stars from the stage show, free dirty dancing lessons and complimentary Baby Flirtinis.

"I definitely identified with the film. It's one of my favorite movies, and then to be able to do it on stage is such phenomenal experience," said Amanda Leigh Cobb, who plays Baby in the live stage show.

Cobb's "phenomenal experience" in Chicago will continue. The show's pre-Broadway run, originally slated to end on December 7, has been extended until January 17.

Click here for tickets and more information on the live stage show.

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