9 Things to Do on 09/09/09

In celebration of the Gregorian profundity that is 09/09/09, we humbly suggest the following activities.

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NBC 5 News
Dress to the Nines: Now that Oprah and her entourage have cleared out of Michigan Avenue shopping on the Magnificent Mile should be much easier.
Focus Features
Just "9": Check out Tim Burton's animated flick "9," which opens tonight.
Nine minutes: Try out Michelle Obama's 9-minute arms workout.
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Nine Innings: Try to make it through all nine innings of a Cubs game. God love ya if you can.
Eat: Try a piece of beef from N9NE steakhouse in Chicago.
Almost No. 9: Britney Spears is performing at the Rosemont tonight to promote her eighth album "Circus." Eight is one away from nine.
Chicago Park District
9 Holes: Try to get in 9 holes at Sydney Marovitz public golf course. There's still enough time left in the Summer.
MTV Games
Rock Band: Be one of the 9,000 people to pick up "The Beatles: Rock Band," which was released today.
I Do's: They won't be the first, or the ninth, but one Chicago couple will commemorate the odd holiday as their wedding anniversary.
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