6 Weeks Later…

...They FINALLY fix the meter!

FINALLY!!!! Let's think about this. I put in numerous calls to the Chicago Parking Meter Help Desk since March 3rd (at least ten that I can officially document through the parties involved). A half-dozen tickets and one biased, unqualified meter maid later, it's all better now!

Everything's fine, nothing's wrong here!

Just so you know, every single ticket has been appealed. One has come back to me in my favor. But it took a long time and the postmark was mysteriously from Indianapolis. (Don't tell me the city farmed out the appeal process too?) I'll be waiting for my five pending appeals to return in my favor. When they do, just know that Agent #252 will hear about it.

Get ready for me #252! I'll see you at 8:00 AM tomorrow.

**If you want to know more about Dance Friday Sensation Cassidy (yes, she's the one with the brown hair that you've all been asking me about), she'll be featured during Friday's show. It's apart of our Inbox segment (real actual emails from real actual viewers). So tune in, it's appointment viewing.

**Righthand Man Jim keeps me in line. He's my guy. But I had to wimp out Monday morning on him. See, I was debating growing a playoff beard just like hockey players do as a tradition during the playoffs (and for more on what the Blackhawks or-gan-i-za-tion is doing for charity, check out this website and join in the fun!). Anyway, just before our show on Monday, I bailed out on my goatee. I was so unsure of whether I should roll with it, that I litterally waited until 4:45 AM to shave it off with my electric razor. 

Avalos punchline: Talk about cuttin' it close! (rim shot) Anyway, Jim will soldier on, and we'll keep track of his progress. I'm hoping to check in on it next week on the air.

**Chat With Matt is all about fashion lately. "Love your tie!" "Don't like your suit." It all gets thrown around in the chat room by our observant viewers. So I'm issuing a challenge.

I'm looking to buy a shirt-tie combo that I haven't worn before. Sharp bold colors, something that I have yet to put together. Whoever gives me the best idea, I'll wear it on a Friday and give you a mention right before Dance Friday. Get to it!!

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