DUI Alderman Offers Proof of Sobriety

Dixon said she didn't use the bathroom for over 7 hours

A Chicago alderman charged with DUI early Wednesday morning says she wasn't drunk.

As proof of her sobriety, Ald. Sharon Dixon (24th Ward) said she never used the bathroom once during her seven hours at a North Side police station. She also said she believes officers arrested her because she was “going to write them up” for “mistreating” her.

“If I was intoxicated like they said, wouldn’t you think I would have to go to the bathroom?” Dixon told the Chicago Sun-Times.

The alderman was steaming mad about what she claims was "abusive" treatment at the hands of three Chicago police officers in Rogers Park Wednesday.

Police say Dixon was arrested and charged with DUI after she reportedly refused to obey a street closure at the scene of a fatal fire

Dixon, who voiced reservations about the appointment of Police Superintendent Jody Weis in 2007, is ready to go to the top cop with her objections and complaints about two female officers and a male back-up who arrested her and charged her with DUI.

"Something clearly needs to be done. This should not happen to anyone else," Dixon said after being handcuffed to a wall for seven hours.

Police say Dixon was in her personal vehicle when she came upon the street closure near the 6800 block of North Sheridan Road at about 1:30 a.m.

She told officers that she needed to get through. Police told her that there was a fire and she should move her car to allow needed access for fire equipment in the area. Dixon allegedly exited her vehicle, became involved in a verbal exchange with the cops, then returned to her vehicle.

A short time later, Dixon got out of her car again and argued with police. At that time, police said they also noticed a strong smell of alcohol on her breath.

It was then that Dixon was taken into custody.

The 24th Ward office is located in the Southwest Side’s Lawndale neighborhood.  

The Sun-Times reported that Dixon has maintained a relatively low profile in City Council since her election in 2007. Since being seated, however, she has cast key votes against the mayor.

She was one of 21 aldermen to oppose the record, $83.4 million property tax increase that helped balance Daley's 2008 budget. A few months later, hers was one of six votes against the 40 percent increase in the real estate transfer tax increase mandated by the Ill. General Assembly as part of a CTA bailout.

The few times that Dixon has spoken on the City Council floor, it has been to complain about rampant crime in her impoverished Lawndale community.

Dixon is now charged with DUI, obstruction of traffic, failure to provide valid insurance, and obstructing a peace officer.


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