Mother's Day Makeover Finalist: Nancy Remrey

Kari Morrison writes of her mother, Nancy Remrey:

Where do I begin to explain why my mother deserves a makeover? Since 2001 I have had twenty-one (21) brain and head surgeries. My mother has been with me every step of the way. I was living and working in Miami, Florida for the first few brain surgeries. I had a brain aneurysm rupture, which started off all my media problems. I had meningitis, a feeding tube for several months, shunts placed into my body, and I was in a coma. When I had my feeding tube, my mother fed me my food through the feeding tube, and she crushed all my medications up and placed them in the feeding tube. This is just the tip of the iceberg for my health struggles. I have been in physical therapy for months at a time. As I have said before, my mother has been with me for years. She found out that I was in the hospital in Miami, Florida on the same day she retired from her job at J.I. Case Co. She flew from here to Miami the next day. I now have a neurosurgeon at Loyola University, in Maywood, Illinois, who has done the majority of my brain surgeries.

Now, her entire life centers on six grandchildren. Their names are Kyla, Lauren, Robbie, Abbie, Cade, and Chloe. The picture I am enclosing shows her with one of her granddaughters (Abbie) that she traveled to see cheerleading at a football game. The only photos you can get of her have a grandchild in them. She has a daughter that has four children, and a son that has two children. The grandchildren live almost three hundred miles away from each other. Therefore, she spends a lot of time traveling baack and forth to see all six (6) grandchildren. She also works very hard for the six of them to spend time together. They get to see their cousins on the other sides of the family much easier. My nieces and nephews are involved in plays, musical concerts (both band and singing), track, soccer, football, cheerleading, swimming, and dance concerts. My mother attends as many activities as she can. My mother baby-sits her grandchildren at a moment’s notice, attends all of their religious activities, and even chaperones at some of their school field trips. She goes way beyond the call of grandmother.

Last summer she turned seventy years old. (She is going to hate that I told you that.) Just a few days ago, she was taking care of two of her grandchildren, and we were at McDonalds in the Play Palace. She went down the slide twice because both of the grandchildren wanted her to go down the slide with them. Just before that, she was in Florida at Disney World with my sister, brother-in-law, and found of her grandchildren for their spring break vacation. She went down several roller coasters with her grandchildren, as well as other rides.

My mother deserves a makeover because I love her, and she needs to look good spending time with all of her grandchildren (who love her, as well).

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