Mother's Day Makeover Finalist: Cheryl McInturff

Michelle Brown writes of her mother, Cheryl McInturff:

My mother, Cheryl McInturff, is a wonderful mother of three and grandmother of three!  I can’t imagine what I would do without my mother in my life.  We are incredibtly close, some would argue too close, but she is and always has been my best friend.  As a new mother, I have gained a different perspective and prespect for motherhood and all it entails.  I also have a renewed appreciation for the depth of my mother’s love for her children.  I was never able to fully comprehend her devotion to her family until I became a mother myself.

On June 14, 2009 my son, Owen Dale Brown, entered the world and I became a mother for the first time.  A month after my son Owen was born, my husband’s employer gave him an ultimatium to work full-time in Atlanta, Georgia or accept a set termination date.  He is currently working full-time in Atlanta which leaves me with the sole responsibility for the baby during the week.  Always a lifesaver, mom moved from Alrington Heights to an apartment in Northbrook, so that she would be close enough to help on a daily basis.  My mother works full time as a customer service representative in a call center.  Every night she comes over to give Owen a bath, massage, and bottle so that I can take a shower or run an errand.  I know that I would have lost my sanity ten months ago with Grandma Cheryl!

One would think Grandma would take the opportunity to relax over the weekend, but instead she can often be found at my sister’s apartment.  My mother takes the train to help my sister with her two little girls Ainsley (8) and Elinor (4)!  Those girls have a lot of energy and  Mom always returns to her apartment on Sunday exhausted, but with a full heart.

My mom has always been my inspiration.  She has unselfishly dedicated her life to her family and has always made her children her first priority. She works very hard for her meager salary and luxuries like a salon visit are not possible.  There are no awards, promotions, or bonuses for successes motherhood.  I would love an opportunity to do something for the woman who does so much for her family and their families.


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