Mother's Day Makeover Finalist: Angela Wilson

Michael Wilson writes of his wife, Angela Wilson:

My wife Angela Wilson, is deserving of a Mother’s Day Makeover. On December 14, 2009 while coming home from work, I was the victim of a car versus pedestrian accident that resulted in serious bone fractures near my left knee and right wrist. The subsequent events after the accident are not important. However, my wife, who is also the mother of my eleven year old son Jeremy and my six year old daughter Elena, was forced to juggle more than she could have ever imagined as a result of my unfortunate accident.

My accident occurred about ten days before the Christmas holiday. In addition to being unexpectedly forced to tend to a physically injured husband, who was bed ridden as a result of his automobile accident, she also had to single handedly make sure that our two children had some semblance of a Christmas. In my incapacitated state, I could tell that my wife was stressed, tired, and overwhelmed with the responsibility of caring for two children, her husband, and independently trying to manage existing and new stressors but she marshaled on without complaint. She demonstrated courage, resolve, and a level of maturity that was absolutely remarkable. I am for certain there are many other women that would have emotionally wobbled under similar circumstances. My wife told me and many other people who were concerned about her well being that she was “doing what any other wife or mother would do for their husband and children.”

As a result of being forced to follow through with all of the new responsibilities and transitions that resulted from my unfortunate accident, my wife has not been in a position to “pamper” herself. In fact, before the accident attempts to pamper herself were put off or dismissed by what she deemed as more important pursuits that involved our children and sometimes me. On April 24, 2010 my wife and I will be celebrating seventeen years of marriage. I have no regrets. In addition, her unyielding, unwavering, dedication to me and our children has only heightened my love and respect for her as a person. Even if Angela is not the recipient of the Mother’s Day Makeover, she will always be beautiful to me. However, the opportunity for her to be catered to and honored would be an overwhelming surprise and a much deserved gift.

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