“100 Days of Kenneth” Update: Keeping Up is the Biggest Challenge

Chicago-based filmmaker Kenneth Yoder is in the middle of a challenge to become a bodybuilder in just 100 days

Kenneth Yoder, a Chicago-based filmmaker, is in the middle of a challenge to become a bodybuilder in just 100 days. While the "before" and "after" comparison will make it all worth it, the times in between are the real challenge. Here's Kenneth to give you an update:

Here's the thing about this whole "completely change your diet and transform your body" challenge -- it's not easy.

What I'm discovering is that this process is hard for reasons I wasn't expecting, and my brain loves to give me perfectly good reasons to fail.

I need to eat six times a day. This part of my transformation seems like the easy part, but it's surprisingly challenging. It's hard to prep all that food, and it's hard to physically eat that much. Socially, I also find it difficult to eat in front of people, especially at work. I feel like a social pariah when I pull out a meal in the middle of working.

It's also really hard to lift weights after enduring a 13-hour work day and then commuting home. But persistence and consistency is key, so I must find the motivation somewhere.

If it was up to the little voice in my head, I would skip that conference room meal and the workout after a long day, but this is the challenge I'm working to overcome.

Transformation is about more than just a good workout here and there. It requires total commitment in all areas of life. In the end, I've found the real transformation happens in the mind.

Check back with NBC Chicago for periodic updates from Kenneth and fitness and nutrition tips from his trainer, Dusten Nelson.

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