Top 10 CTA Platforms For Thefts

Violent crimes include reports of the following: Arson, assault, battery, burglary, criminal sexual assault, homicide, kidnapping, robbery, sex offense, and stalking.

CTA Stations with the most reports of thefts over the past five years were gathered and analyzed by NBC5 Investigates from Chicago Police Department crime reports.

  1. RED LINE @ Jackson: 414 reports of thefts
  2. BLUE/PINK/BROWN/ORANGE/GREEN/PURPLE LINES @ Clark and Lake: 270 reports of thefts
  3. RED/BROWN/PINK/GREEN/PURPLE/ORANGE LINES @ State and Lake (and State Street Subway): 248 reports of thefts
  4. RED LINE @ Chicago: 214 reports of thefts
  5. RED LINE @ 95th Street: 211 reports of thefts
  6. RED LINE @ Grand: 205 reports of thefts
  7. RED/GREEN/ORANGE LINES @ Roosevelt: 201 reports of thefts
  8. BLUE LINE @ Jackson: 197 reports of thefts
  9. RED LINE @ Garfield: 186 reports of thefts
  10. ORANGE LINE @ Pulaski: 175 reports of thefts

Note that these are raw figures, which are not weighed in any proportion to the ridership at a particular station - so a busier station is likely to have more crime. NBC5 counted incidents that were reported in and around these stations, including on the trains and at adjacent bus stops.

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