Patrick Stewart Tweets First Taste of Chicago Deep Dish

The Star Trek actor shares his first Chicago-style pizza on Twitter

Patrick Stewart boldly went where he's never been before.

The actor who portrayed Captain Jean-Luc Picard on Star Trek tried his "first ever slice" of pizza last week and tweeted a photo for proof of the New York-style slice.

"To clarify: 1) I've never had a "slice" 2) I've been a Habs fan all of 4 weeks 3) I'm also a fan of Bloomberg's soda legislation," he tweeted.

It wasn't the last of his pizza trials, though, and this time he needed a fork and knife.
On Sunday he posted a photo of his first deep-dish pizza from Gino's East in Chicago.

"Continuing Ed: Deep Dish. Must admit - at home with a knife and fork," he wrote.

Stewart was in the news earlier last week after he made an appearance at Comicpalooza in Texas.

In response to a question about domestic abuse, Stewart talked about his childhood with an abusive father and living in a poor household.
He said his father was a World War II veteran and suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder. Stewart said the campaigns he participates in against domestic abuse are for his mother who he could not help at the time that she was dealing with his father.
Stewart was given a standing ovation for the answer and hugged the woman who asked the question.

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