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Months After Fatal Shooting, Family Raises New Questions About CPD Response to Scene

A cousin of 29-year-old Enrique Rivera is asking questions after video apparently shows a CPD vehicle near the scene in the immediate aftermath of the shooting

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Three months after a drive-by shooting claimed the life of a 29-year-old man, his family is raising new questions about how Chicago police responded to the scene.

In the early morning hours of Sept. 16, Enrique Rivera was driving to work when he was shot inside of his car at the intersection of Narragansett Avenue and Irving Park Road, according to police.

“The guy’s unconscious! He’s not getting up,” a 911 caller can be heard saying to police.

No arrests have been made in the case, but Rivera’s cousin, who asked not to be identified, still has questions, as does the rest of his family.

The family has filed requests for city videos that show the moments during, and immediately after, Rivera was shot and killed.

“We just really want justice for our cousin,” his cousin said. “That’s what motivates us. That’s what keeps us going. I hate to see my aunt hurt.”

Specifically, the family wants to know if a Chicago police vehicle, seen on video pulling out of an adjacent parking lot several minutes after the shooting, had been sitting in the lot during the incident.

“There’s a couple of entrances on the other side of that parking lot, but he would have seen my cousin’s car if he was coming from that direction,” Rivera’s cousin said. “He didn’t see or notice a car speeding down Irving Park Road after hearing two gunshots?”

Chicago police say that an open investigation into the case is being conducted by the department’s Bureau of Internal Affairs. Detectives continue are continuing to investigate the shooting, but no suspects are in custody.

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