Hotel Housekeepers Debunk Myths, Reveal Things They Wish Guests Knew

Five housekeepers at downtown Chicago hotels sat down with NBC 5 Investigates and Telemundo Investiga to share their wildest stories and biggest pet peeves.

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Five housekeepers at downtown Chicago hotels sat down with NBC 5 Investigates and Telemundo Investiga to share their wildest stories and biggest pet peeves. The workers, who asked us to only use their first names and not reveal their workplace, also debunked some of the many myths guests believe about hotel rooms.
"A lot of vomit. And you have to get it up." -- Dias
n"The leather people. They were just outrageous. The stuff they left behind and how they dressed and what they were wearing...they broke the furniture, knocked the mirrors down. I mean, it was just wild with them." -- Tina
n"Used condom was hiding in a magazine book." -- Amy
Are the glasses cleaned each day?n"We have to carry a crate of glasses on our cart with all our linen with everything else so we change them daily." -- Dias
n"[Housekeepers] wipe down the phone and [they] wipe down the remote." --Tina
nMattresses are switched out every three months.
nWhat's not cleaned every visit?
nThe minibar.
nCan you get more than one chocolate on a pillow?
n"We can give you as many as you want. We’ll give you the whole bag." --TinanHow about toiletries?
n"Take it, we just replace it, if you ask for more, we give it to you." --Tina
"If they want clean towels, they’ll put them on the floor." -- Latonia
n"You just have guests that complain because they want something free – a bottle of wine, a free night stay, breakfast -- and they get it, but we’re the ones who face the consequences." -- Tina
"If you stay three to four days, and you kind of mess up every day you’re there, and I make it tidy for you every day you’re there, just out of appreciation, you should leave something." --Latonia
n"A thank you note is appreciated." --Amy
nBiggest tip you've ever received?
n"One day someone gave me $20." -- Fabiolan"I had a guest leave me $100 dollar bill." --Diasn"I had a guest at Christmas leave me a $50 gift card." -- Tina
n"One hundred dollars." -- Amy
n"Fifty dollars." -- Latonia
"For me, when they leave their clothes everywhere, all over the floor. Another pet peeve of mine is toothpaste in the sink. I hate it." --Latonia
n"Spit in the tub, or they don’t flush their toilet. Or they don’t flush their toilet, let the lid down and you open it up to a surprise." -- Dias
n"They’ll leave the condoms in the drawer, used." --Tina
All five housekeepers collectively agreed the worst times of year for housekeepers are during Lollapalooza, New Year's Eve and the Taste of Chicago.
n"Horrible. A lot of damage. A lot of broken stuff, pictures off the wall, drugs, empty bottles, a lot of vomit, a lot of alcohol." -- Tina
n"During the festivals too, if it’s raining, it’s a mess. They come in with bare feet and there’s mud all over their feet. There’s mud in the tub. There’s mud everywhere if it’s raining, there’s sand and they just leave behind a mess."
"For a stay over, 30 minutes average. For a check out room, we take 45 minutes." -- Amy
n"It’s 30 minutes for a regular room…that room may take you up to an hour and 15 minutes to clean. That doesn’t drop your rooms." -- Dias
Items left behind must be reported by housekeepers to lost and found, but that doesn't mean they won't be able to keep it eventually.
n"If they don’t claim it in 90 days, it goes to the person, the housekeeper who found it." -- Tina
"I have been in housekeeping for 17 years. My current workplace where I work as a housekeeper, we know we have to knock three times before we enter. That’s a practice - we all know that as housekeepers. On the third time you knock, you’re automatically going to enter this room because you’re assuming there’s not a guest in the room. So for me, I knocked three times, I entered the room and there’s a guy standing there completely naked." --Latonia
n"When you knock on the door and the guest, you know they hear you, so you knock, and you knock three times and he's lying there naked." --Dias
n"I knocked the door three times and nobody answers, so I think nobody is inside. So I took my stuff, my towels and I open the door and I was about to put the towels in the bathroom when he wakes up. He gets up, completely naked and when I saw him, I said, 'Oh my gosh' and I covered my eyes with my towels because I had the towels in my hands and he said 'Oh it’s okay, you can come in.'"
"It’s a huge thing for the housekeepers and we wear it with pride. We want the guests to know - at my hotel we call them creepy guests- if there are any creepy guests lurking in our hotel, that they know they can’t take advantage of the housekeepers anymore." -- Latonia
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